For Your Health and Safety

The White House Dental Surgery takes the safety and well-being of our patients very seriously. Strict procedures are followed in order to eliminate the risk of cross-infection.

The following procedures are followed for your protection:

  • We wear a pair of disposable gloves, which are changed for each patient.
  • Hands are cleaned before and after each patient using specially prepared medical scrub.
  • We provide protective eyeglasses for patients.
  • We wear facemasks and protective eyewear.
  • All surfaces in the surgery are disinfected with the latest recommended antimicrobial products between patients.
  • We have a central sterilizing area where our staff use the latest proven sterilization techniques.
  • All handpieces and non-disposable instruments are washed thoroughly and then placed into an ultrasonic bath with chemical sterilant before being put through an autoclave steriliser.

At The White House Dental Surgery we have never had an incident of a patient suffering a collapse and needing emergency care, but just in case all of our team are thoroughly trained in first aid and resuscitation and we update our training at least once a year.

The White House Dental Surgery is committed to using the most up to date materials.