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I’m delighted with the results a really natural set of gnashes with minimum distress at a very reasonable price. Having spent half my teens in braces, I felt I had enough dental treatment and resolved to tolerate a discoloured overlapping front tooth. Many dentists tried to coax me into elaborate procedures to fix my crooked smile but I resisted all efforts. Finally, you Dr O’Sullivan convinced me (through honesty and gentle reassurance) and I’m still getting compliments on my new smile…I’m delighted with the results a really natural set of gnashers with minimum distress ay very reasonable price. Month later, I’m still getting compliments on my new smile…


I just want to thank you very much indeed for your skill and kindness to me on the last few weeks. I know that the operation was a difficult one and I am very pleased that it seems to be healing well. I am aware of the possibilities regarding that nasty wisdom tooth, but will keep my finger crossed!

Thank you so much.


I would like to write you to let you know how I felt about my recent treatment received by Bella Grace.

I immediately felt comfortable.I am normally quite afraid of needles but when I walked into your office to have the Wrinkle Reduction done I immediately felt comfortable. Both the doctor and the nurse explained to me exactly what they were about to do. It was painless and i didn’t feel any discomfort the whole time. In fact after I did my forehead I went back 2 weeks after to do also my eyes. the result was impressive. I still receive compliments by people who don’t even know I’ve done the Wrinkle Reduction. They think I look very relaxed and think that the reason might be a recent holiday or even a new love!

I’m 100% satisfied with the results and i’m going to have it done again in a few months. I have recommend your practice to all my friends and colleagues and I am positive they will be going to do it very soon.

D. S.

My fear of needles and dental treatment had prevented me from going to the dentist for about seven years. A friend suggested that The White House Dental Surgery seemed sensitive about this issue so I booked myself in for an appointment. I was amazed that my fear was treated seriously and sensitively. I was amazed that my fear was treated seriously and sensitively. When my consultation revealed that I needed two fillings I was given good practical advice as to how these could be done for me as comfortable as possible. In the end, the treatment was easy, painless and over before I knew it. Dr O’Sullivan and all the staff at The White House Dental Surgery tried their hardest to put me at ease – and it worked. I feel much better about having future dental treatment and will actually be coming back for more!

Thank you all very much.


As a young teenager I feel over in a river and smashed my front teeth. The clumsy crowns I was given at the time made me very self-conscious and for many years I hid my mouth when I smiled. After university I moved to Sutton and decided to do something about it so, having registered with The White House Dental Surgery, asked Dr O’Sullivan to replace them for me and was very happy with the results. I was very happy with the results.A few years later though, with my wedding looming, I decided I wanted my teeth whiter and also for the crowns to be slightly more tailored to the shape of my natural teeth and so went back to Patrick to discuss what to do – we agreed a course of treatment primarily comprised of whitening my existing teeth and new crowns.

Having major dental work is naturally a potentially stressful time but having been through crown replacement with Dr OSullivan before I felt reassured knowing that I was in super safe and meticulous hands. During the treatment itself he was very supportive, ensuring not only that I was comfortable during and in between visits but also that we were both happy with the end results. This took some amount of fine-tuning and patience but we got there and finally, I have teeth I am happy to smile with thanks to Jonny and the rest of the lovely team at The White House Dental Surgery.

Having moved out of Sutton to Reading, dentistry at The White House Dental Surgery has become something of a family outing for us – my husband joined when we were dating (and also got his teeth whitened for our big day – after he saw mine he had to!) and our little girl also comes with us too – but travelling so far is worth the effort for such excellent service and we both thoroughly recommend the practice.